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​Reducing the Carbon Footprint​​​

The explosive growth of Wireless technology is leading to considerable social and lifestyle changes. Power consumption is a key aspect in Wireless technologies, not just from a user perspective, but also in reducing the Carbon footprint. Power Efficiency needs to be factored from Conceptualization to implementation and cannot be introduced as an afterthought.  Power efficiency needs to be addressed in both Algorithm and implementation. Algorithmic innovation from Scheduling to Power Amplifier efficiency improvement can considerably reduce Power usage. Implementation techniques including the right HW-SW Partition can further aid power reduction.



Power Aware Frequency and time Domain scheduling


  • Ensure QoS for each user, as well as schedule in the right channel at the right time
  • A NP hard problem that needs engineering Heuristics for practical implementation.
  • Crest Factor Reduction
  • Envelope Tracking
  • Digital Pre Distortion​

Digital Pre Distortion​

BigCat Wireless has considerbale and indepth expertise to create and deploy a DPD solution for 4G/5G. A case study to illustrate the adaptaion performance based on mesaurements (post attenuation) is illustrated in the pictures below.

​​​Before applying Digital Pre Distorion


After applying Digital Pre Distortion​

The distortion is corected up to the Noise floor. A 20dB improvement is achieved.



BigCat Wireless — your Power Efficiency partner in 5G