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BigCat Wireless has a rich solution portfolio that enable accelerated time to market in the wireless space. Reference Designs are avaliable on request and can be customized for specific market needs. The solutions portfolio include matlalb/C models, FPGA / SoC implementations, device drivers  and algorithms on ARM architecture along with comprehensive validation report

​​​​​​​eN​ode,  ​RAU,  ​RRH, Mobile Terminal




OFDM Modem
Massive MIMO​​Channel Estimation
​Timing Synchronization
IQ over Ethernet
Delay calibration
Determistic design
​Frequency and Time​ Domain Scheduling

DUC​​CFR​​Envelope Tracking​​DPD​​

​​​​​Configurable Radio ​Solution
​ ​ ​ ​ ​