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BigCat Wireless focuses on developing innovative solutions in the Wireless space. These innovative solutions are a result of the deep Research focus on advanced Wireless Technologies and pioneering in translating these innovations to solutions using well defined and predictable engineering methods.

Wireless Infrastructure Engineering

BigCat provides Reliable Engineering solutions for Wireless Infrastructure. The solutions encompass Base Band modems, Radio Heads,  CRAN, Femto and Pico Cell solutions. and on Virtualization Techniques and Network Function Virtualization on Standard Server and Heterogeneous architectures for LTE .

5G Wireless

BigCat is pioneering technologies that will  enable 5th Generation Wireless Networks. 5th Generation Wireless Networks will provide not only higher throughput but also enable interconnection of large number of devices that enhance the quality of life. Key technologies that will drive 5G include using Multi Gigabit Ethernet links for transporting IQ Samples to the Radio Head, repartitioning of BaseBand functions across the Radio and Baseband, Massive Beamforming, usage of dense servers rather than custom hardware in the cloud for traditional Base station and signal processing functions and ofcourse Low Power and Low Bandwidth radios and analysis in the cloud for connected devices and Internet of Things (IoT).

Wireless Research

Research focuses on enhancing the Wireless user experience.  Research focus spans Scheduling algorithms, FEC development for current and upcoming wireless standards, Specific research on implementation aspects  aim at parallel architectures for realizing wireless algorithms (especially using massive parallel architectures and Heterogeneous computing) 

Reliable solutions come about due to the expertise of BigCat Wireless in Algorithm development, Hardware Implementation and Embedded Software Development backed by proven Wireless implementation techniques.

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