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5G Algorithm Development a​​nd Evaluation Platform

BigCat Wireless' MIMO SDR platform can be used to develop and evaluate Signal Processing Algorithms, analyse repartitioning of various Base Band and Radio functions across different parts of the 5G Wireless network, evaluate transmission of IQ Symbols over Ethernet and create a Massive Beamforming infrastructure with up to 64 antennas in the Downlink.  ​eCPRI, O-RAN, RoE are also demonstrable in this setup.

5G System Architecture Evolution

The 5G evolution not only aims to usher in higher bandwidth, throughput and interconnected devices among others, but also aims to reduce costs and enable scalability and flexibility of the network. Ethernet based NGFI (Next Generation Front Haul Interface) redefines system partition.    


Fronthaul with repartition  of functions creates a more economical and scalable 5G solutions

Functional partition in the 5G System Architecture

Fronthaul Aggregation
Radio Unit

Infor​​mation Level Processing

Cross Layer functions like Frequency and Time Domain Scheduling

Control Plane​

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Bit Level Processing

MIMO (SDMA, Beamforming, etc)

Modem functions, Synchronization​

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Symbol Level Processing

Channel Estimation and MIMO Processing


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A 5G solution not only requires complex Signal processing but needs precise delay and calibration engineering coupled with using non deterministic Interfaces like Ethernet to precisely align symbols across multiple antennas to enable Massive MIMO.

BigCat Wireless — your 5G Development and Solutions partner
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